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2023 Long Island Federation of Labor Endorsements

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The Long Island Federation of Labor has endorsed the following candidates and believes they share a common vision for helping workers and for the future of Long Island. Good jobs, with decent pay and benefits, are the basis of a stable middle-class lifestyle. That is something we can achieve together with these endorsed candidates.

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Sep 28, 2023

Nassau County

Bold indicates that the candidate is an incumbent.

Legislative District 2Siela Bynoe (D)
Legislative District 3Carrie A. Solages (D)
Legislative District 4Alexis Pace (D)
Legislative District 6Debra Mule (D)
Legislative District 7Howard J. Kopel (R)
Legislative District 8John J. Giuffre (R)
Legislative District 10Mazi Melesa Pilip (R)
Legislative District 12Michael Giangregorio (R)
Legislative District 13Thomas McKevitt (R)
Legislative District 14C. William Gaylor (R)
Legislative District 15John R. Ferretti (R)
Legislative District 16Arnold Drucker (D)
Legislative District 17Rose Marie Walker (R)
Legislative District 18Samantha Goetz (R)
Legislative District 19James Kennedy (R)


SupervisorDonald X. Clavin, Jr. (R)
Receiver of TaxesJeanine Driscoll (R)
Council District 2Thomas Muscarella (R)
Council District 3Melissa Miller (R)
Council District 4Laura Ryder (R)
Council District 5Chris Carini (R)
ClerkKate Murray (R)

North Hempstead

SupervisorJon Kaiman (D)
Receiver of TaxesVeronica Lurvey (D)
Council District 2Peter Zuckerman (D)
Council District 4Christine Liu (D)
Council District 6Marianne Dalimonte (D)

Oyster Bay-At Large

SupervisorJoseph S. Saladino (R)
CouncilVicky Walsh (R)
CouncilLaura Maier (R)
CouncilSteve Labriola (R)
ClerkRichard L. LaMarca (R)
Receiver of TaxesJeff Pravato (R)

City of Glen Cove-At-Large

City CouncilMarsha Silverman (D)
City CouncilDanielle Fugazy Scagliola (D)
City CouncilTheresa Pergola (D)
City CouncilJoanne Yee (D)
City CouncilJohn Zozzaro (D)
City CouncilJoseph Manfredi (D)

Suffolk County

County ExecutiveDave Calone (D)
Legislative District 1Catherine Kent (D)
Legislative District 2Ann Welker (D)
Legislative District 3Jim Mazzarella (R)
Legislative District 4Nick Caracappa (C)
Legislative District 5Steve Englebright (D)
Legislative District 6Dorothy Cavalier (D)
Legislative District 7Ryan McGarry (D)
Legislative District 9Sam Gonzalez (D)
Legislative District 10Derek Stein (D)
Legislative District 14Kevin McCaffrey (R)
Legislative District 15Jason Richberg (D)
Legislative District 16Rebecca Sanin (D)
Legislative District 17Tom Donnelly (D)
Legislative District 18Eve Meltzer Krief (D)

Babylon-At Large

CouncilDuWayne Gregory (D)
CouncilTerence McSweeney (D)
Receiver of TaxesJennifer Montiglio (D)


Receiver of TaxesJillian Guthman (D)
ClerkAndrew Raia (R)
CouncilBrooke Lupinacci (R)
CouncilTheresa Mari (R)


ClerkWilliam Holst (D)
CouncilTom Lohmann (R)
CouncilLisa Inzerillo (R)
Receiver of TaxesAmy Fortunato (D)


SupervisorAngie Carptenter (R)
Council District 3Christine Pellegrino (D)
Council District 4Thomas Murray (D)


Town ClerkJosephine Makowski (D)


SupervisorMaria Moore (D)
CouncilMichael A Iasilli (D)

East Hampton-At-Large

CouncilThomas Flight (D)


SupervisorAl Krupski (D)
Council-At-LargeGwynn Schroeder (D)


SupervisorLillian Clayman (D)
Highway SuperintendentDan Losquadro (R)
Tax ReceiverLou Marcoccia (R)
Council District 1Jonathan Kornreich (D)
Council District 3Neil Manzella (R)
Council District 4Michael Loguercio (R)
Council District 5Neil Foley (R)
Council District 6Karen Dunne (R)