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UPDATE: Gov. Vetoes Honor Our Veterans Bill

Thursday, January 14, 2016
UPDATE: The Governor has once again vetoed this important legislation that would end the arcane unfair treatment of New York State towards veterans and their rights to retirement. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition, we will continue the fight until all Veterans are treated equally. Assemblymember Paulin, cosponsor and champion of the legislation presented your signatures and has a message for supporters.
“Thank you for signing the petition in support of A.8174/S.5937. As many of you know, I have been fighting for this legislation for several years in order to ensure that all New York veterans are treated fairly under the law. With the help of passionate individuals like you, and organizations such as the NYS AFL-CIO, we have once again advanced the bill to the Governor. After reading your comments and personal stories, it is more apparent than ever why we need this bill to be signed into law. Again, thank you for taking action and supporting this important legislation.”