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Tax Cap That Disproportionately Hurt Poorer Communities

Thursday, March 8, 2012
We have been vocal critics of budgetary measures such as the tax cap that disproportionately hurt poorer communities exacerbating already existing inequalities among districts.
The positive effects of property tax caps are doubtful while the negative consequences are clear. Property tax caps prevent local governments from making the kinds of investments that have traditionally supported safe, vibrant middle-class communities on Long Island. Other states that have adopted tax caps have witnessed a deterioration of their school systems and greater inequities among the districts. Read our statement on the issue, “It’s Time to Find Alternatives to a Tax Cap”.
See NYSUT ‘s fact sheet on the recently enacted local property tax cap bill, which highlights the complexity of the law and its unintended consequences.
The office of the NYS Comptroller has established a section on its website on the details of the tax cap legislation.
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