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Unions Debate Vaccine Mandate

Saturday, July 31, 2021
On July 29th Newsday wrote a story about Governor Cuomo's new vaccine and testing mandate for state workers. Quoted in the article was our Executive Director Roger Clayman who said the following:

"We certainly understand the importance of everyone being vaccinated," Clayman said, adding: "It certainly makes sense that people are vaccinated."
He said member unions were "having discussions" about required vaccinations and there had been "back and forth" but most members "don't want to make it mandatory."
However, he said, legal counsel has told the board that it appears the state - or any other employer - has the legal right to mandate vaccination.
"It'll be an issue with some people. ... But, the law as we understand it, will allow employers to do it. Some union members will argue that, but we will keep telling our unions and union members that it's vitally important that everyone get vaccinated ... that it's just common sense," Clayman said.

You can read the full article by clicking here.