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Lobbyists head to Albany to protests cuts to Long Island’s bus services

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Just after 6 o'clock Wednesday morning, a bus filled with nearly three dozen lobbyists left the Park and Ride in Melville and headed to the State Capitol to speak on behalf of small businesses.

In addition to small business owners, the Long Island Lobby Coalition includes advocates from a variety of areas including civics, human services, labor, the environment, and transportation.

This is the ninth year in a row that the Coalition has sponsored a bus trip to Albany. They'll be meeting with the Governor's office, along with Long Island Senate and Assembly members, to make their case to secure funding regarding several agenda items such as small business savings accounts, homeless housing programs, and bus funding for NICE and Suffolk County Transit.

Aaron Watkins Lopez of Lynbrook is with the Long Island Bus Riders Union. He relies on buses because he doesn't drive and showed FiOS1 News all the letters he plans to distribute as part of his effort to stop budget cuts planned for NICE bus that could severely impact his life.

Organizers say they are encouraged by past success and added that several bills that they support have been made law following their efforts in the State Capitol.

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