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Workers Memorial Day 2020

Monday, April 27, 2020

Workers Memorial Day on Long Island will be different this year.  For twenty years we have cometogether to honor our brothers and sisters who have lost their lives because of workplace injuries or illnesses at the site of the Long Island Workers Memorial at the State Office Building in Hauppauge.  The corona virus has changed our lives and the way we honor our brothers and sisters who have passed away but not our will to fight for the living.

This year we will save lives by maintaining social distancing, but we will honor the frontline workers who risk their lives every day by carrying out the tasks that are so vital for keeping the rest of us healthy.  There will be time in the years ahead to recognize the workers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in this war against a deadly virus.  They are real heroes.
We may not be together in one room, but we can still fight for workers’ rights.  Our congressional delegation must hear from us about the health and safety of our members.  The Trump Administration has gutted OSHA and rolled back the progress we made during the Obama Administration by setting standards for safe workplaces.  There are fewer OSHA inspectors today than at any time in its history.  The Administration has attacked anti-retaliation provisions that protect all workers who speak up about unsafe working conditions.  The agency has not issued an emergency temporary standard requiring employers to put safety protocols in effect and fine those who fail to do so.
On this Workers Memorial Day we dedicate ourselves to giving workers a voice in the ways our economy will be managed in the aftermath of this pandemic.  Here are some of the things we will initiate on Workers Memorial Day, 2020:
  • The 7 pm Salute. The Long Island Federation of Labor will initiate an ad campaign on radio and social media that encourages a daily salute to frontline workers at 7 pm.  Video messages from labor leaders accompanied by graphic images will encourage island-wide participation. Click here or the image below to learn more.
Messages to Congress. The LI Federation will participate in campaigns coordinating direct contacts with our congressional delegation setting forth a Working People’s Plan for reopening the economy.
Tell the New York State Workers Compensation Board to protect workers who are sick and dying because of their jobs.  
Livestream a Memorial Mass for Fallen Workers. The Catholic Labor Network will hold a mass for fallen workers at 3:00 pm on Workers Memorial Day, Tuesday, August 28th.  Here is how you can register to participate:

Please take part in a moment of reflection on April 28th, 2020

Good morning customers and associates,

As some of you may know today is International Worker’s Memorial Day. International Worker’s Memorial Day is recognized in multiple ceremonies yearly, on April 28th, throughout New York State and the world. Today, at the request of our UFCW/RWDSU Union partners, we will be participating in a “Moment of Reflection” to honor our most important asset, our associates. This morning we ask that you join us by spending two minutes reflecting on all essential workers, but especially grocery, pharmacy and packing house workers, whose lives have been impacted by COVID‐19. We also ask that you recognize their extraordinary efforts as they continue to work every day to serve their communities through this nation‐wide crisis.
During this reflection time we have agreed to provide our associates the opportunity to pause what they are doing and share in a united moment of reflection with their co‐workers as well as fellow Union members throughout the grocery industry. We are proud to allow our associates this time to honor their fellow Union Sisters and Brothers who have passed away from COVID‐19, in addition to remembering their friends and loved ones who are recovering from the illness.
This time of reflection will be an opportunity for all of us to remember how safe and careful we must be when working and remember how important we are in helping feed and provide for the community we live and work in. Finally, we want to personally thank all First Responders and essential workers for their continued service to our communities.
In Solidarity,