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We rededicate ourselves in bettering the lives of all working people

Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Since our last convention in 2013, we have made great strides as a union movement. When we convened three years ago, we were still feeling the effects of the economic recession that wouldn't end.  The economic problems that none of us created were the excuse to roll back unionism. Through solidarity, the Long Island Labor Movement persevered and has continued to fight for good jobs with decent pay and benefits, without wage theft and without exploitation.
We supported the Communications Workers of America and International Brotherhood of Electrical workers as they went on strike against Verizon, and earned major gains for their members. Thanks to the hard work of many of our unions, we've had some notable legislative victories. New York is leading the way in the Fight for $15, becoming the first state to raise their minimum wage to $15/hr. Additionally, New York passed the most comprehensive Paid Family Leave bill in the country. 
The tax cap, the step-child of deficit economics in New York remains with us and threatens to choke off investment in our schools and communities.  We've had a difficult road battling back the lasting effects of the economic recession and more work still to do, but our hard work has paid off. New York State put a moratorium on the linkage of Common Core-based test results with performance reviews and Albany has increased state funding for local school districts. 

With our allies, we have changed the discussion about Global Trade.  We must remain vigilant to defeat the job killing Trans Pacific Partnership.  We are standing strong in support of comprehensive immigration reform and The Dream Act.  We support the work NYCOSH is doing to create a safer workplace for Nail Salon Workers. We rallied behind Nepali gas station workers and nail salon workers across the Island to fight for better wages and safer working conditions.  We look to the future with great confidence and determination and remain committed to the mantra that we are stronger together.