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Vote In YOUR Midterm Elections

Friday, November 4, 2022
A message from President John Durso
Voting is a serious obligation, and an act of patriotism, that should not be taken lightly. Election day is next Tuesday, November 8, and it makes a big difference who we elect and who will stand up for our members and families after Election Day. We hope you’ll take the time to focus on the issues that really matter to you and your family.
We have carefully researched Proposal One. We believe you should vote yes on Proposal One.
Our union movement fights every day for the welfare of our affiliates, our membership, and working people all across Long Island. We have learned that the wages, benefits, and working conditions we fight for can be undermined by a single vote. Therefore, it is critical that working people get out to the polls and elect representatives who will fight on our behalf.
The decision of who to support is a personal one. However, Governor Kathy Hochul is on the ballot and in her brief tenure she has delivered numerous victories for working people. She has worked with the legislature to: make improvements to the pension system; increase funding for the New York State Department of Labor to hold criminal employers accountable; and delivered an Environmental Bond Act (Proposal One) that includes Buy American provisions, prevailing wage protections, and labor peace agreements (among many other things.) She has had our back. It’s time for us to have hers.
Voting is a fundamental act of civic participation, and we know according to the Pew Research Center that faith in our institutions is declining. Go out and vote on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. The health of our democracy depends on it.
To view a complete list of endorsements please click here.
Early Voting Locations
Below you can find early voting locations in Nassau and Suffolk. If you live in Suffolk County, please also consider supporting John Kennedy for Suffolk County Comptroller and Vincent Puleo for Suffolk County Clerk, both of whom have been endorsed by the Long Island Federation of Labor.