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Take Action this Sunday with a Cup of Coffee

Friday, March 4, 2022
It has already been a significant year for our union movement. During President Biden's State of the Union address, which we recap below, he supported the idea that if workers want to form a union they must be able to without threats from their employer. It is refreshing to see our President support workers who choose to exercise their rights.
In recent months, workers at Starbucks have begun to organize across the country. Three locations on Long Island have filed for a union election. Our future brothers and sisters are organizing for a voice at one of the largest companies in the world. They deserve our support. The Long Island Chapter of the Coalition of Labor Union Women has put together a day of action to support these workers. Read below for details on how you can stand in solidarity with these workers.
The Orsted/Eversource partnership responsible for the South Fork Wind Farm broke ground and they did it with union workers. This momentous occasion keeps us on a path to a green, union, and energy-independent future.