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Suffolk County: Vote Yes on Prop 2

Friday, October 30, 2020
In addition to supporting candidates that support working people, we are asking you to vote YES on Proposition 2.  Proposition 2 is a ballot referendum that will help Suffolk County maintain vital services, and prevent cuts to the Suffolk County budget that could mean a significant number of layoffs.  Suffolk County has been hard hit by revenue losses due to COVID-19. This historic moment calls for extraordinary measures.  If approved, Proposition 2 forgives a number of Suffolk County debts that were accrued as a result of borrowing from the Assessment Stabilization Reserve Fund (ASRF) to balance the County's General Fund Budget.  The ASRF was originally set up to stabilize sewer rates, and prevent anything more than a 3% increase in rates for residents of sewer districts within the county. In addition to alleviating some of Suffolk County's debt, the passage of Proposition 2, would give Suffolk County permission to access an additional $15 million in reserve funds from the ASRF to establish a taxpayer trust fund designed established to address general fund budget needs for 2021.

Suffolk County is pursuing every avenue to avoid cuts to vital services as well as avoid layoffs. If given this tool by you, the voter, they may be able to protect the services we rely on as well as the livelihood of many of our union brothers and sisters.  It's up to voters like us to stand up for working families. Vote YES on Proposition 2.

How you vote is a personal decision, but your union believes that labor's endorsed candidates and a YES on Prop 2 are vital to the future of working families.