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Statement on the Passage of the New York State Budget

Friday, April 15, 2022
Thank you Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Legislature for delivering a budget that New Yorkers should be proud of. This budget reaffirms their commitment to working people. The 2023 New York State budget provides record levels of investment in childcare and education. With significantly increased levels of funding for the Department of Labor, it is clear New York State is back in the business of labor law enforcement. This budget also ensures that the public sector has the economic framework necessary to recruit and retain a talented, dedicated workforce. For years, the public sector provided stable careers with decent wages and benefits. This budget provides increased funding for local governments and creates a pathway to a dignified retirement for working people.
The potential for the adult use cannabis market to create good union jobs is unrealized for the moment. However, this budget funds the Cannabis Workforce Initiative, a collaboration between the Workforce Development Institute and Cornell ILR. Their mission is to promote and support social equity in the adult use cannabis market. They will provide tools for the workforce and meet entrepreneurial needs for those who wish to enter the market making for a bright and equitable economic future in the industry.
Through commitments like this, it should be very clear that we are fortunate to have a Governor and legislative leaders who share our vision, values, and goals.