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No matter what you hear about the TPP being “dead,” don’t believe it!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

No matter what you hear about the TPP being “dead,” don’t believe it!  The allies of corporate CEOs are ready to tell you they stand up for workers today in order to get your votes.  But they may then turn around and vote for the TPP after the election in November in order to make their friends on Wall Street happy.

The TPP isn’t just a faraway risk; it’s a clear and present danger. Backers of the deal recently put Americans on notice that the deal could come up for a vote in Congress during the “lame duck” period between the election and the start of the year. In other words, they want to wait until few are paying attention, and many outgoing members of Congress have nothing to lose.

The only way to defeat this corporate rights deal is through people power – we have to make it so uncomfortable to vote for the TPP, so painful, so awful, that no one will think it is okay to turn their back on working people.  Not Democrats.  Not Republicans.

And we start TODAY with a national call in day.  We have to tell Congress that the TPP—negotiated behind closed doors and behind our backs—doesn’t deserve a vote.  But if it gets one, that vote better be NO.

Call 1-888-332-2853 or Text TPP to 877877

In Solidarity,

The Long Island Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO