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LI Workforce Responds

Monday, April 13, 2020
The curve is beginning to flatten.  However, as Governor Andrew Cuomo stated, "we're not out of the woods yet." Social distancing guidelines remain in place.  They have helped reduce the rate of spread of COVID-19.  There is hope yet that we can collectively avert the worst of the COVID-19 projection models but we must continue to #Stayhome to #Savelives. It is the only way we will blunt the public health impact.

In the interim we have compiled a list of actions that we can take collectively to blunt the overall economic impact. The United Way of Long Island has established the #UnitedTogether relief fund. Teachers have done an outstanding job with distance learning as well as created heartfelt videos of support to connect with their students and families to offer emotional support. The work of our grocery, food service, and supermarket heroes continues as this crisis unfolds to keep our shelves stocked and our bellies full. LIRR President Phillip Eng recently went onto UCOMM Live to praise the thousands of LIRR employees, launching their Heroes Transporting Heroes campaign and the 7 O'Clock salute has spread to communities across Long Island.  Families step onto their lawns and issue an island wide thank you to our #frontlineworkers turned #frontlineheroes as hospitals and nursing homes go through shift change. In the face of adversity the Long Island workforce always answers the call.