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Governor Cuomo's Agenda

Friday, December 21, 2018
Long Island Labor leaders were heartened by many aspects of Governor Andrew Cuomo's "Justice Agenda" which he put forward this week at the New York Bar Association in Manhattan. He drew a strong contrast between New York's policy goals and the corrupt game plan of the Trump Administration. "We declare independence from this federal government's policies," the Governor declared.

The Governor promised a progressive tax structure in contrast to Trump's cap on state and local tax deductions - an "economic missile" aimed at New York and other Democratic led states.

He vowed to counter the federal government's attack on the labor movement in both the public and private sectors. This means expanding the Janus protections to cover public sector unions at the local level and ensuring workers have labor rights in the gig economy.

He proposed to create hundreds of thousands of jobs by expanding New York's $100 billion infrastructure plan by investing an additional $150 billion. While the federal government works to tear apart the Affordable Care Act, he pledged to protect our health care by codifying the health care exchanges into law and ensuring that pre-existing conditions continue to be covered.

These and other proposals he set forward are good news for our labor movement.