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Elevating Women to Leadership

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Having women in leadership roles at all levels is important, and I've got a few exciting opportunities for you and your colleagues to develop and elevate our skills! This summer, the UALE Summer Schools for Union and Labor Women will convene four summer school residency programs for women activists, elected officials, staff and community allies to grow their leadership in an empowering learning community.

Can you do your part to make sure we elevate women leaders, and particularly young women, by registering for one of these programs or encouraging someone you know to do so?

The schools offer multigenerational learning and mentorship. Participants will learn from and build solidarity across unions, industries, regions and movements; panels, speakers and participants from alternative labor organizations; and have an emphasis on organizing, diversity, international solidarity, language justice and young workers. And LOTS of networking!


Here are the four upcoming schools this summer:

This is a great opportunity for young women to gain the skills and resources they need to become even greater leaders in our labor movement.

Are you a young woman? Consider applying!

Commit to promoting gender diversity in our movement! Research shows that many people won't volunteer, so we need to ask them to participate.

You can help by sharing this with all of the young women trade unionists you know, and with your local unions, your business agents or representatives to recruit young women to the great schools offered by UALE.

Thank you for being great leaders and living up to our values of gender equity and inclusion.