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Education Summer 2016: Ambassadors for Public Education

Friday, July 15, 2016

What can you do when you’re worried that attacks on public education are destroying our public schools and colleges? Where can you turn when you feel like your voice isn’t being heard?

The answer is to ORGANIZE!

That’s what Ambassadors for Public Education did in 2015 in an exciting pilot project. Members from labor and community activists from Long Island participated in “Education Summer,” a 7-week field skill development program designed to teach canvassing, organizing, canvass and phone banking skills through in-the-field training.

This year, Education Summer 2016 continues to build on last year’s success on Long Island.

Last year, our members fought off the most vicious attacks on public education. This year we’ve continued the fight to protect and strengthen public education. With many important elections in the fall, there is an opportunity to organize and mobilize our members and the general public to vote their concerns – and send a strong message to public officials that they need to do more for public education, pre-k through post-grad – starting this summer.

We are looking for folks from the labor community on Long Island who are looking to make a difference this summer. Ambassadors will talk to other members, parents and community members about important issues being decided in Albany, what educators are facing now, and what they can do about it.

If learning new field skills and talking to people about issues that you care about sounds appealing to you, apply here today!

Flexible schedule during July and August 

Paid Stipend

Learn new skills

Meet other activists

For questions, please contact: