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Buy American Victory

Wednesday, June 28, 2017
On June 21, labor gained a major victory in New York State when the Legislature passed Buy American Legislation. This agreement will require American made iron and steel products for New York's roads and bridges, will create many new jobs and give a great boost to local economies.
Currently, the Long Island Federation of Labor is screening candidates running for public office across Long Island. This November, we will elect county legislatures in Nassau and Suffolk counties, as well as town officials. We take pride in our process, ensuring that every elected official understands what's important to working people and the organizations charged with representing them. Soon, we will be releasing our official endorsement list.
Below, you will see the announcement of a coalition to oppose a New York State Constitutional Convention. We are proudly part of this Coalition, and we plan on communicating the dangers of a corporate funded Constitutional Convention to you in the months to come. Unfortunately, greed continues to be at the forefront of the Clare Rose Strike and we are still boycotting Clare Rose products until management comes back to the table. There will be a rally on June 30 at Local 812's Picket Line on William Floyd Parkway, just south of LIE Exit 68 from 3 to 5pm. I've included more details below.
On behalf of all of us at here at the Long Island Federation of Labor, we would like to wish you all a safe and happy Summer and remind you that Long Island works best when we say Union Yes.