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Election Day Recap

Friday, November 15, 2019
Thank you for the hard work you have put in over several months to make our political program a success. You have made countless phone calls, knocked on doors, and distributed literature to mobilize your members on behalf of labor's endorsed candidates. As a result working people across Long Island will have officials in the halls of government who will make positive change for working people. 

Each cycle we identify a number of key races that we believe are competitive and we can make a difference.  One of those key races in 2019 was the 8th Legislative District in Suffolk County.  This was a rematch between Bill Lindsay III and Anthony Piccirillo, a race which was decided by just over 200 votes in 2017.  This year was equally competitive.  Anthony Piccirillo ended Election Day up by a count of 223 votes with over 600 absentee ballots still to be counted.  Stay tuned for the final results as the recount in this race begins on November 19th.

Click here to find a complete list of labor's endorsed candidates side by side with the leading candidate at the end of Election Day.