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Teamsters Victory at Waldner

Thursday, August 31, 2017

A half-dozen Teamster furniture workers who were fired by their employer two months ago are back on the job as of Wednesday.

The drivers and warehouse workers - all part of Teamsters Local 814 - were employed at Waldner’s Business Environments’ facility in Farmingdale, Long Island.
But in early July, the company said it was closing the warehouse for good. It said it was going to deliver its furniture from facilities closer to the city and would use subcontractors to do the work formerly done by unionized employees.
The company said it was a cost-driven decision - but the Teamsters challenged as union-busting, and mounted an aggressive campaign to get the company to change its mind.
On Wednesday, Waldner's said it will only use companies that pay their workers fair wages and benefits.
It also said it found jobs for its existing Teamster employees in other delivery companies - allowing the Local 814 members to stay with the company.
“We fought for what was right, and we won a fair settlement," said Kevin Roach, a 33-year Waldner's worker and Teamsters Local 814 shop steward.
"When workers fight back, and have the community behind us, we can get what we deserve. Thank you to all of the unions, elected officials, and Waldner's customers who stood with us. In the end, with your help, Waldner's did the right thing."