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Stop Union Busting at American Maintenance

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Recently SEIU 32BJ organized the 8 office cleaners employed by American Maintenance at 1010 Northern Boulevard. The union contract went into effect March 1 and the workers received their first raise June 1, 2020. The first union contract provided modest increases to the wages and benefits, gradually increasing the economic benefits to reach the established union standard for office cleaners on Long Island over the next 3 years. Previously the workers were paid minimum wage without many benefits. Most of the cleaners work part time at night. Office cleaners provide essential cleaning and disinfecting services.

The cleaning contractor notified 32BJ that the building ownership terminated their contract to provide cleaning services effective October 30. 32BJ reached out to the building owners to request the name of the new contractor and to request that the cleaners be given the opportunity to work for the new company. The owner would not provide the name of the new cleaning contractor nor would the commit that the new cleaning company would offer jobs to the current workers. If the new company does not offer jobs to the current workers, they will be laid off the day before Halloween.

Building Ownership
The building is owned by Schmergel Enterprises Corporation. 1010 Northern Boulevard is Schmergel's largest building. The advertised rent in the building is $38.50 per square foot, more than $2.00 per square foot higher than the average rent in a Nassau County Class A office building, according to Cushman-Wakefield Market Beat reports.

Request For Action
Please contact Bill Schmergel (President) or John Schmergel (Vice President) at 516-466-0460 with the message:
  • Use a responsible contractor who will hire the office cleaners at 1010 Northern Boulevard
  • The cleaners should be allowed to continue providing the essential cleaning and disinfecting services vital during this pandemic