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LI Fed to Bauman: Keep Employees on Payroll

Wednesday, April 1, 2020
The Long Island Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO and a coalition of unions representing drivers, helpers and mechanics employed by school bus operators called on school bus companies to keep their members employed during the school shutdown.

John R. Durso, President of the Long Island Federation of Labor said, "We urge school bus companies to keep their employees on the payroll during the period when schools are shut down.  This makes sense because the bus companies will be paid by local school districts, and the state will continue to support the local districts."

Durso added, "if school bus employees are laid off, they will lose both their income and their health care.  This will hurt their families and compound the economic problems the state is facing."

Michael Cordiello, President of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181 said, "This is not the time for the school districts or the employers to give up on the hard-working men and women who care for the children of our communities.  Year after year our members safely transport those children to and from school every day.  Now is the time to secure the experienced workforce by keeping them employed, paying their wages and continuing their medical benefits so that when this is over we can quickly get back to work with the professional drivers, attendants and mechanics who have the experience that our children deserve."

Dan DeCrotie, President of Teamsters Local 1205 said, "While other bus companies continue to pay members wages and benefits, the Baumann and Sons Bus Company, claiming they might not be paid by the school districts, is cutting off medical for their employees during a coronavirus pandemic.  This will be an economic tragedy for our members."

Debra Hagan, President of The Transport Workers Union Local 252 said, "It is imperative that the State Education Department direct the School Districts to pay the bus companies to prevent over 3,000 bus drivers, assistants and mechanics of TWU Local 252 from becoming unemployed and losing their health insurance."