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  • Union Construction Jobs Safer than Non-Union

    It may not be news to those in the business, but new numbers back up what IBEW and other union construction members already know: there’s safety in a union. "New York’s Building Trades Employers Association, which...
  • Election Day Recap

    Thank you for the hard work you have put in over several months to make our political program a success. You have made countless phone calls, knocked on doors, and distributed literature to mobilize your members on behalf of labor's...
  • Nassau closes living wage loophole

    Officials in Nassau announced changes Wednesday to close a loophole through which some service providers were dodging the county’s living wage law.Nassau is “taking action to help working class families and hold accountable...
  • Meet America’s Most Powerful Cannabis Union

    No one knows more about the complicated alliance between unions and the cannabis industry than Dale Sky Jones, chancellor of Oakland’s Oaksterdam University, a marijuana trade school. She calls herself “Patient Zero.”In...

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