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Economic Policy

Good wages and benefits go hand in hand with thriving local communities.  This has been a fundamental principal of our Long Island labor movement.  It is the key component leading to greater personal wealth, home ownership, better health care and educational opportunities; and it provides a buffer against unexpected events which can lead to financial hardship.  As collective incomes rise it creates the virtuous cycle of a growing middle class, greater consumption and more revenues for public services in our communities.

Therefore, Be It Resolved that the Long Island Federation of Labor establish a coalition to pass this legislation which is broad-based, both inside and outside the labor movement.  The campaign to restore the definition of public works must be centered on our members and include elected officials, members of the community and religious leaders.  It must emphasize that circumventing prevailing wages is a race to the bottom, one which undermines public services, education, and working peoples’ wages and benefits.  It should bring forward graduates of Opportunities Long Island who can speak first-hand about the impact and value of union apprenticeship opportunities.  It must bring many new voices to the campaign for rising incomes and community wealth.


Click here to read the full resolution from the Long Island Federation of Labor on Public Investment and Community Wealth.

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