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Workforce Development Institute (WDI)

The Workforce Development Institute (WDI) provides cutting edge job training on a statewide level by reshaping and retooling the workforce with skills for today and tomorrow. To learn more visit their website or call (631) 232-3240.
Regional Solutions
WDI works regionally to identify targeted strategies that address workforce development opportunities and challenges. These strategies can include partnerships, training and/or funding.
Our strength is our ability to identify trends, quickly fill gaps not covered by other programs, and then move successful programs throughout the state.  For more information about office locations, WDI regional staff, and the regions they cover, click here.
Interactive Grate Program
Through a unique grants program, WDI makes investments that lead to workforce development and economic growth. This program is an “interactive” one, where WDI regional staff work directly with a business, union, or other entity to understand the issue at hand, and then help develop a response. This grants program is unique from a few perspectives:
  • Hands-on approach: Through direct contact with the applicant, WDI regional staff get a better sense of future growth and workforce issues.
  • Connections/Facilitation: If additional partners need to be brought in as part of the discussion, WDI regional staff connect with these resources and facilitate discussions.
  • Flexibility: WDI’s funding is flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of the immediate problem or opportunity.
  • Streamlined Application Process: We understand that time is money…and jobs. The application process for our grants program, therefore, is designed to help the applicant move quickly on their plans.
Targeted Sectors
Although the WDI works in all sectors of the economy, we have a special interest in two growing sectors that hold particular promise in terms of good jobs:
Manufacturing - Across NYS, we see Manufacturing making a comeback. Companies are retooling/retrenching and making investments in product innovation, equipment, facilities, and the workforce. We believe a healthy manufacturing base is a key driver to growth of the rest of the economy. However, the jobs associated with today’s manufacturing are very different from those of previous generations. We are interested in seeing these new jobs – with solid wages and career trajectories – come to NYS.
An example of NYS manufacturing that is alive, well, and full of exciting job opportunities is evident in the Long Island Makers Project.  Learn more in the Video Gallery about Millennials in Manufacturing!
Energy - There is growing recognition that the energy grid needs redesign and greater resiliency. Both an aging-out of the current energy workforce and a shift towards renewable and smart technologies that require new skills are complicating factors from a workforce perspective. These jobs are highly skilled and well paid, and we expect to see their continued growth.
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