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Working people in all walks of life join together in unions to gain a voice at work. Union members have a say about pay, benefits, working conditions and how their jobs get done--and having that say gives them control over their working lives.

An important reason for the shift from broadly-shared prosperity to growing inequality is the erosion of workers' ability to form unions and bargain collectively.

Academics and economists agree that unions help strengthen the middle class—which is good for our economy and our country. When employees can join together in unions, they can help all workers by raising standards for wages and benefits, job security and retirement.



Unions 101

What is a union? Q & A on the basics. 

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How to Form A Union

Get started today! Learn the steps on how to form a union where you work.

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The Union Advantage by the Numbers

On average union members achieve higher salaries and better benefits. See the union advantage by the numbers.

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