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The Long Island Federation of Labor vets all candidates for political office to determine their policy positions that affect working families and the interest of labor. Our interest is not to build the power of a political party or a candidate. It is to improve the lives of working families and strengthen our region.



Voting Facts & Myths

Our goal in politics is to effect progressive legislative changes on a state and federal level that enhances the lives and well being of working men and women throughout Long Island. That is why we educate our members to make informed decisions and urge our members and their families to vote and vote often. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

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We have been vocal in our opposition to the redistricting plan for Nassau County proposed by the Republican majority and their appointees. Read our latest statement to the Nassau County Redistricting Commission on the proposed Legislative District Map. 

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What is the real agenda of the Tea Party?

Cleverly marketed by its right wing organizers as a populist movement fed up with government, the Tea Party movement has actually stood for an agenda aimed squarely at working families.

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For more information on our work on our political program and related subjects, please contact our staff directory.