Labor Law

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Living Wage 

Living Wage laws are designed to raise the wage floor for some of the most exploited and underpaid workers who provide valuable services in our counties and at the local level.

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Minimum Wage

New Yorkers need a minimum wage increase! Cut through the the scare tactics and misinformation campaigns. Get the facts straight here.

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Prevailing Wage

Prevailing wage laws prevent contractors from using cheap unskilled labor that sacrifice overall quality of construction and safety of the public.

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Project Labor Agreements

PLAs require that both union workers and construction managers live up to their expectations with on-time construction with no delays and labor peace through a no strike clause, standardized hours and holidays.

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Triborough Amendment

The Triborough Amendment protects provisions in an expired contract until a new deal is in place.

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Unemployment Insurance

​New York's unemployment insurance (UI) system is way out of date. The victims of our economic crisis need a lifeline, and they deserve better income supports than the system currently provides.


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