With millions of working people struggling to put food on the table, everyone agrees our economic recovery is tenuous. More Americans are living in extreme poverty than in any other period since the Great Depression. Four years after the housing bubble burst the foreclosure crisis continues to deepen.

Partisan extremism has caused paralysis in government and has led to a deep mistrust in the effectiveness of our elected officials. Politicians pushing the failed policies of the past, tax cuts for the rich and fewer rules to constrain corporate America are out of touch with everyd ay Americans. Our elected officials need to chart a new course to pursue an economic policy that works for everyone, not just Wall Street. 




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Learn about the continuing foreclosure crisis and its impact on communities on Long Island. See how the labor movement is responding to unscrupulous banking practices.

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Outsourcing is an accelerating problem that has resulted in the loss of a significant number of jobs. Find out which employers in your community are exporting U.S. jobs.

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As living costs continue to rise while wages remain stagnant, more and more Americans are falling into the ranks of the working poor.

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In many instances, global government and industrial trade policies have undermined the jobs, wages and bargaining power of American workers. Most American workers are not climbing up the global job ladder, they are falling behind.

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Of the 13.3 million Americans officially counted as unemployed, nearly half of them have been unemployed for more than 26 weeks.