The Long Island Federation of Labor promotes an economic development strategy that aims to create good union jobs with decent pay and benefit standards. We are committed to supporting projects that fulfill these goals. We have consistently advocated for investments in infrastructure, housing and transportation because we believe they are critical to the future of our region.


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Dealing with the high cost of housing on Long Island is a major hurdle facing working families and seniors. Find out more about how we're dealing with this challenge.

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There are major private sector initiatives on the horizon which can create housing for the next generation, remake our communities, and provide thousands of jobs immediately—if only the infrastructure improvements were available.

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Major Projects

Projects that create housing that is affordable for our workforce, provide opportunities for quality jobs, entertainment, and fulfill the principles of smart and sustainable growth are necessary for creating a better regional economy.

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Transportation is tied to housing, jobs and investments in infrastructure. It is a leg of a stool that we can't afford to lose. Abandoning transit initiatives and scaling back existing transit systems on Long Island works contrary to the best ideas now taking shape in our communities for future growth.

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One of New York’s economic development tools is the broad category of tax expenditures which include special tax breaks, credits, and exemptions, reducing business tax liability. Unlike budget appropriations, which are voted upon each year by elected officials, tax expenditures once on the books are not.